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Exploding Babies Early Access is Explosive Fun

A brand new arena blaster titled Exploding Babies from indie developer Nutfarm Games enters Early Access with explosive levels of fun.

Aliens have invaded Earth and guess what? Humans lost and were enslaved. Now their children are forced to compete in elaborate arenas of death, destruction, and total mayhem. Since this is the invader’s entertainment, the kids are dresses in over the top humorous costumes. Also the aliens like to drop mindless drones strapped with explosives into the arena for an extra laugh.

Up to four players can play in competitive and co-op with currently three insane modes. There is the famous death match mode only difference there are babies and of course they explode. The next mode is Last Baby Standing which again is similar to other similarly named modes where the goal is to be the last baby standing or in this case unexploded. Team BabyPong is the final of the three available game modes and this game’s mode name alone implies to much that it is best for player’s to experience this mode firsthand without spoilers.

Currently there are five arenas. Each of them are equally surreal in their elaborate designs. One arena even features Stonehenge with portals. Every arena has unique traps and dangers which players will want to avoid while taking an advantage of these obstacles.

There are currently six wonderful almost healthy babies. One had a run-in with a kitchen knife. Another has developed a drinking problem. And lastly one is a mutant, but other than that they are healthy and ready for the arena.

Last month Nutfarm Games dropped a public demo for Exploding Babies. Players could snap a photo or video of something funny from the demo and share to social media for a chance to win prizes such as games. The grand prize was a physical doll toy that had been revamped and signed by the developers.

The Early Access phase will start with a limited feature set. Based upon feedback and input the developers will add more content as they progress towards the final launch release of Exploding Babies later this year.

If someone was to describe Exploding Babies as “just messed up” it would be easy for one to tell that this person hasn’t played the game. Messed up doesn’t even come close to describing the levels of hilariously awful and straight up demented fun one will have. A player and their friends have unlimited replay value as they find even more silly and twisted ways to win on the battlefield.

Exploding Babies is now available on Steam Early Access at an $11.99 USD price tag. An Early Access special promotion runs until August 23, 2019 at a price of $10.79 USD. The public demo is also available on Steam for free.

Exploding Babies Early Access Trailer | Nutfarm Games

Nutfarm Games (@NutfarmGames Twitter) was founded in 2019 and is based out of Tuusula, Finland. The roots of the team go back to the 90’s when Ari Nikula and Olli Berg tried to make a game in high school. Both had a interest in the art of game making. As time went on they set out on a quest to find other talented people to join their ranks and in 2017 the foundation for Nutfarm was laid down at a game jam.