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Woodfel Open World Building Game Trailer

A brand new game trailer for Woodfel, the open world building and crafting game from L3fty Games, has been released on YouTube.

Woodfel is a multiplayer sandbox open world building and crafting game. The land itself is an untamed fantasy world that is free for players to explore and adventure. There are several things a player can do such as discover treasures, fight monsters, and build great things.

The vast procedurally generated worlds are filled with caves, dungeons, and resources. Digging deep underground players can find rare resources. By fighting dangerous creatures players may earn special item drops that are used in building amazing structures.

Players start off as a new traveler to the land of Woodfel. There they will discover a primitive fantasy landscape and world filled with creatures, monsters, and factions. Since the arrival of demons to the realm the normally peaceful hills and valleys which the Woodfolk roam are becoming dangerous.

While players work to prosper in this new land they will need to find powerful weapons, craft enchanting outfits, and build epic structures for shelter. It is up to the player if they want to help the Woodfolk survive against their new foes. Or the player can decide to throw their lot in with the demons and plunder the land. The choice is theirs.

The Woodfel game trailer is available below of can be viewed on YouTube.

Woodfel is scheduled to hit Steam in Early 2020. Players can add the game to their wishlist now. The latest information about Woodfel can be found on the game’s steam page or from the game developer creating the game on Twitter @l3ftybot.

Woodfel Trailer | L3fty Games

L3fty Games (@L3ftyGames Twitter) is an indie game development studio based out of Scotland in the UK. The studio is experienced with Unity3D and offers game development services. Previously the studio released Arc War, an infinite scrolling shooter for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.