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Shadows of Larth Melee Combat Game Announced

Indie developer Games By Zine has announced that Shadows of Larth a melee combat RPG game will be coming in Q2 of next year.

Shadows of Larth is a third person action game with a triple stance based combat system. Additional RPG elements are fused into the gameplay.

Players are able to uncover game mechanics through gameplay. For example a player can learn Normal Hand where any weapon looted can be equipped in the player’s right hand. Weapons are upgradable by using the forge of the Sixth Fort, the players hub area, and by finding red stones.

Marked Hand is a special ability for the left hand. It can equip what are called marked abilities or magical skills that players can unleash upon their enemies. These abilities are unlocked through the discovery of blue scrolls.

For each weapon class, Dual, Two-Handed, and Pole Arms, players have three stances. The moment a player switches their stance the combo attack chain will change along with stamina consumption and damage ratio.

The game’s story tales place in the lands of the Lower Larth. It is a semi-open world filled with caves, woods, villages, cities, and palaces. Players can explore them as they desire.

With the wind element corruption that is occurring, The Marked Guild has sent the player as one of their five champions. From there the player will face Keepers and Shadows of Larth while helping to restore the Wind to its former state. Players can opt to heal the wounds of the land or ignore it all and walk their own path as they forge their own Destiny while deciding the fate of many.

Shadows of Larth is set to be released on Steam in Q2 of 2020.

Shadows of Larth Announcement Trailer | Games By Zine

Games By Zine (@gamesbyzine Twitter) is an indie game developer created by Zine E. Falouti and is based out of Morocco. In 2017 Zine began work on their first title The Stones of Yalmrith which was released in September 2018.