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How to Prepare for the No Man’s Sky Beyond Update

Hello Games has spent months teasing players about a huge update to No Man’s Sky called Beyond. First players learned about the VR addition and then more online multiplayer. The third part was kept secret until just this past week when Sean Murray and Hello Games announced in effect No Man’s Sky 2.0.

The Beyond update is massive. So massive that there is not enough space in this article to list all the known features such as ranching, taming animals, mounting and riding of animals, cooking, new machines, new base features, and chairs are usable. Sean Murray described the Beyond update as almost twice as long as the Next update. The Next update list has well over 200 bulletpoints. Players can easily assume that there are going to be 400 or more for Beyond.

There are up to 32 player missions, depending on the platform, and new biomes. In addition there is the new multiplayer social hub that features vendors, ability to show off ships, bases, worlds at the Nexus. All of this and hundreds more changes are coming in the Beyond update.

With all these changes there is a strong possibility that Hello Games is going to reset the universe again. It happened before with the Next update. Worlds were re-rolled. Bases were removed. Some resources became rarer and others more common. So what should one do to prepare?


First off, any really cool or awesome ships that you want now is the time to get them. There is no guarantee they will be there after the update. From the hard to find S-Class Fighters to the max 48+8 slot S-Class Haulers and everything in between could become harder to find. Even more so the various designs and color locations could also reset.

So if you want that very rare white turbine 48+8 S-Class Hauler get it now. If you are looking for any other S-Class ships a quick S-Class search on YouTube will provide plenty of options.

Speaking of big ships we cannot forget about the Freighter. In the Next update some systems were also reset with more or less planets and even complete changes to the economy type. This will affect the types of Freighters one will find in a given system. Now is a perfect time to go hunt that perfect S-Class capital ship down you always wanted. After the update who knows when you will see it again?


This is a hard one. In Next players saw their bases wiped for the most part. Some were spared. But most players saw their wonderful creations go poof. With Beyond there is a strong possibility this may happen again with all the known base changes such as computers and power.

Now is the time to bust out that in-game camera and take some pictures of home. Get some screen grabs of cool layouts. Write down notes on anything cool you might want to recreate. Maybe even go visit some other player’s bases before theirs might go poof as well.

While at your base though it would be a good idea to collect any trophies you have receive or other cool objects. It is highly recommended that you pickup and store in your inventory or your ships inventory any Stabilised Reality Glitch aka exotic trophy items you may have collected. Reasoning is again if the base disappears so will these items and there is no way to know how difficult it may become to replace them. This writer is not taking any chances and gathering up all of their Light Fissures and Bubble Clusters.


The multi-tool is a core component and necessity for survival in the No Man’s Sky universe. Players start off with a simple C-class pistol and if they are lucky enough find a fairly decent upgrade relatively fast. It is those rarer S-Class max slot multi-tools that are highly desired.

Again with the possibility of a reset, current known multi-tool locations are bound to change as well including their class. So if you have been looking for a steampunk inspired experimental or a freakishly alien multi-tool now is your time to get one with little effort. There are a plethora of videos on YouTube with coordinates to direct players to the most unusual and more powerful multi-tools out there.


Now is a good time to stock up on units. There is no telling how much the Beyond patch will change the economy and prices of goods. Having loads of units is always a good start.

Another currency worth stockpiling are Nanite Clusters. For those unfamiliar with this alternate currency, it is the way one buys blueprints and upgrades for their ship, multi-tool, exocrafts, and tech slots on their exosuits. There is a strong possibility that new tech may be added and even more upgrades will be available for some of the new things added. By having plenty of Nanite Clusters ahead of the patch will let a player get a jump start on playing the random game of trying to roll the stats they want on upgrades.

An item that is not classified as a currency, but might be worth stockpiling a bit of is the Salvaged Technology curiosity. Those who are avid base-builders in No Man’s Sky have most likely bought every base building blueprint from the Blueprint Analyser. In Beyond there have been several instances of new technologies and base building components which may come from the Blueprint Analyser. In any case it is a good idea to get all the base building plans now and have a bunch of Salvaged Technology ready to go for any new additions.


It would be wise to have a bunch of resources save up and on hand besides the obvious basic elements for survival. While there may be a chance that No Man’s Sky may obsolete certain elements like they have done in the past, it will just be good policy to have some of the more current critical elements available.

With the possibility of a base wipe, having a large amount of base building materials available will allow a player to get a jump start on staking out a new base claim. Even more so if base component material costs go up. Again this is all speculation based off prior updates and changes.

Everything Else

With the possibly of a galactic wipe or reset in one’s journey’s they are bound to find some interesting places. Whether it be a Lost Blue planet, a Doomed Jade world, or Wine Dark moon all of these places make for a scenic experience. It might be time to take a tour of your favorite worlds and while at it take some pictures on that old camera. For this writer pictures may be worth a thousand words, but video is better.

While out exploring, revisiting old worlds, and having some good fun before the patch if one does find themselves on an Exotic Planet take a moment to look around. There is no telling what you may find. It could be a lifeform or and exotic trophy just waiting to be picked up.

No Man’s Sky Beyond goes live on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. The game is currently available on Humble Bundle, Steam, and GOG for PC, on the PlayStation Store for PS4, and Microsoft Store for Xbox One.

For more information player’s can visit the No Man’s Sky website at or follow @NoMansSky on Twitter.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Launch Trailer | Hello Games

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