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RoboVirus Multiplayer Brawler Release Date

Stolen Shoes Entertainment has set a release date for RoboVirus, the studio’s multiplayer brawler where robots blast robots with rockets and lasers.

RoboVirus supports 2 to 4 player local and online multiplayer modes. The game takes place in the megastructure RobotHive. Players are thrown into an arena by the corrupted motherboard. It is here where players will fight to avoid death in an evolving arena. The four robots players control are named Nooker, Quacker, Spoder, and SCAM.

Each level features a 3D top-down view that contains interactive elements. Some of the elements include moving platforms, treadmills, and traps. Players are advised to watch their step and be ready to use the environment to their advantage.

A single player mode against computer controlled robots is also available.

RoboVirus is set to exit Early Access and be released on Steam at the end of the month on August 30, 2019. The price is $9.99 USD with possible plans for console versions in the near future. Interested players can visit the game’s website at for more information.

RoboVirus Gameplay | Stolen Shoes Entertainment

Stolen Shoes Entertainment (@stolenshoesent Twitter) is a Finnish based studio that was founded in 2017. They offer services in gaming, software development, graphics, and AR/VR.