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Exploding Babies Public Demo

Nutfarm Games is moving closer to their Early Access release of Exploding Babies, but for now the masses can satisfy their explosive appetite with a public demo.

Quirky is one way to describe this previously announced post-apocalyptic alien invasion arena blaster. Demented joy would be another way to describe the game. Regardless of how the game is described, one thing is for sure, t is there are babies and they can explode.

Diving straight into strange game world players get to take their baby out to the arena and test their explosivity. At the same time take out some drones and become a frightening fighter in this warped arena of the apocalypse. If this isn’t weird enough players should take a moment to admire the various map scenery with drone delivering UFOs, a twisted daycare, and a teleportation portal at Stonehenge.

The gameplay is simple. Players start off in either local co-op or competitive play mode with up to four players. After choosing from one of the dozen plus babies as their hero players enter the arena. From there depending upon the game mode players with do what it takes with their baby to accomplish the mode’s goal.

For example in Survival Mode players will want to be the last baby standing. This is accomplished by triggering drone babies to explode. Players will want to stay far away from the exploding baby, but still keep their enemies within the blast radius. Other game modes in Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, BabyPong, and BabyRoyale.

Exploding Babies hits Steam Early Access on August 15, 2019 at a tentative $11.99 USD price tag. The public demo is available now on Steam for free.

Exploding Babies Reveal Trailer | Nutfarm Games

Nutfarm Games (@NutfarmGames Twitter) was founded in 2019 and is based out of Tuusula, Finland. The roots of the team go back to the 90’s when Ari Nikula and Olli Berg tried to make a game in high school. Both had a interest in the art of game making. As time went on they set out on a quest to find other talented people to join their ranks and in 2017 the foundation for Nutfarm was laid down at a game jam.