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PUBG Season 4 Now Live, Erangel Map Revamp

PUBG Corporation has launched PUBG Season 4 for its hit game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and along with this release comes the major Erangel map revamp.

PUBG Season 4 brings the latest Survivor Pass, Aftermath, that offers unique missions not seen in previous seasons. One such mission is the Wipeout mission where one gains credit by killing or spectating a teammate who kills the last remaining member of an enemy team. A new feature called Co-Op Missions allow players to progress on the pass with aid of the group.

This season like previous seasons also brings several unique rewards. Besides the standard weapon skins, clothing, helmet and backpack skins, and emotes, there is the first ever vehicle skin. The skin is called the “Red Zone” and is available only for the UAZ and players who purchase the Premium Survivor pass.

Along with the massive Erangel overhaul and revamp players will find turntables randomly spawned on the map. Players can press the use key to turn the music on or off. Turntables can be destroyed and the music played can be heard by all players who are nearby. The music ends after one song.

Vehicles now also have a car radio that is controlled by the driver. For PC players F5 is used to play or stop the music while F6 changes the channel. Scrolling the mouse wheel controls the volume. Similar to the turntables the music ends after one song. The car audio will also stay turned on if players exit the vehicle. Both sources will provide ample opportunity for players to lay various traps for their enemies.

For those familiar with Erangel or those who have been away for the game for awhile will notice several visual changes to the map. Many areas have seen significant updates and layout changes that brings several overall game improvements both visually and through performance.

In addition, this update shows that PUBG has learned from past matchmaking issues with more improvements with the system. Currently the matchmaking system is fully functional across the AS, KR.JP, SEA, and EU regions as outlined in the Dev Letter: Matchmaking System Update. NA due to some difficulties players have experienced with queue times, the map selection options have been altered to currently have a Featured Map and Random Map option with an equal chance for the remaining three maps. After the initial Erangel update release period, the featured map option will be removed for the NA region.

For a full list of the extensive changes in PC Update 4.1 players can visit the PUBG forums. PUBG Survivor Season 4 Aftermath Premium Pass is now available for purchase on Steam for $9.99 USD. The season runs from July 23 until October 15, 2019 which is 12 weeks in length. Daily missions reset daily at 7:00 PM PDT with weekly missions resetting every Wednesday at 7:00 PM PDT.

PUBG Patch Report Update 4.1 | PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation (@PUBG Twitter) is a member of the KRAFTON game union former Bluehole Inc. that began as Bluehole Ginno Games in 2009. The company renamed itself to PUBG Corporation in 2017 and is the publisher and developer of the battle royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG Corporation’s headquarters are located in Korea with operational offices in North America, Europe, China, and Japan.