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Hayfever a Retro-Inspired Platformer in Early 2020

Zordix Publishing along with Swedish game developer Pixadome have announced that Hayfever, a challenging retro-inspired platformer is aiming for an early 2020 release.

Today’s announcement also brought the debut trailer for Hayfever. In the video, viewers are introduced to Thomas, a young postal employee suffering from terrible pollen induced sneezes. Player’s will play as Thomas and with original game mechanics, use his allergic sneezes to traverse challenging environments.

The story itself sets a simple premise. Thomas was out delivering the mail when he suffers a massive sneeze. In the process he lost all of the mail for his route. Players will help guide him to the missing letters and gather them to avoid the wrath of Thomas’s horrible bosses.

Along this journey to collect the mail, Thomas will travel together with his friend Charlie the car. The journey will span over four seasons and each season introduces new gameplay altering elements and challenges. It is up to Thomas to learn how to turn his weakness into a strength.

Hayfever features retro-inspired pixel-art graphics and equally period appropriate music soundtrack. No graphic violence is in the game and is suitable for all audiences.

There are over 140 challenging levels that span over the four seasons. Each level contains a number of letters that Thomas lost. Collecting the letters are optional, however, not collecting all of them will put Thomas at risk of facing the wrath of his boss. Not collecting the letters might also run the risk of missing out on hidden worlds.

Gameplay features an original and unique sneeze-driven mechanic. Players will use Thomas’s allergies to steer him through the world. Different types of pollen will have different effects on Thomas allowing for the gameplay to change dramatically.

Speedrunners can rejoice. If the level’s are not challenging enough, players will be able to compete against other players in the weekly speedrunner challenges.

Hayfever is currently under development for all major gaming platforms that includes Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is aiming for a release in Q1 of 2020. For more information on Hayfever visit its game page at

Hayfever Announcement Trailer | Pixadome

Pixadome (@Pixadome_Games Twitter) is a virtual indie studio based in Sweden. The studio consists of two people who work remotely with other creators to bring their projects to life. Their aim is to bring carefully crafted games with tons of personality. The Hayfever team consists of five individuals.

Zordix Publishing (@ZordixGames Twitter) is a division under Zordix AB that was founded in 2009 and is based in Sweden. The publishing division is focused on helping independent studios take their games to market and is licensed to publish on all major platforms. Additionally they assist the studios with marketing, management, porting, and publishing.