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A Place for the Unwilling July Release

Madrid based indie developer AlPixel Games have announced for their narrative adventure, A Place for the Unwilling, a near end of July release date.

Set in the final 21 days of a dying city, A Place for the Unwilling takes off on a branching narrative adventure. Each decision made by the player will affect the surroundings and shape the city’s fate. Player’s will find themselves working against the clock as the city carries on regardless of the player.

Players can speak to everyone whether it be an eerie politician or a chain-smoking anarchist child. A wide cast of characters with in-depth narrative covers themes such as inequality, isolation, cosmic horror, and much more. Work can be found as a trader as the player explores the town and socializes with its inhabitants all the while finding a role within the city’s hierarchy.

A Place for the Unwilling combines the narrative depth and exploration of a game like Sunless Sea with the curious setup of a game like Majora’s Mask. Add in a splash of Lovecraft set to a Dickensian backdrop with Eldritch nightmares and players have a rich narrative experience where choices really do matter.

Each walkthrough of the game is unique with over 100 narrative events based on everyday decisions and big life choices. Every decision changes the environment and the final outcome. Story is everything, no need for combat, quest markers, or mini-maps.

A Place for the Unwilling will launch on July 25, 2019 for PC players on Steam. Ahead of the launch ALPixel Games have released a new teaser trailer that reveals some more of the game’s mystery.

A Place for the Unwilling Date Announcement Trailer | ALPixel Games

ALPixel Games (@AlpixelGames Twitter) is an indie game development studio based out Madrid, Spain. The studio consists of 6 people and has worked on a few projects that include Missing Translation, Waiting in the Sky, and Who the Hell is Sarah. All of the studio’s projects demonstrate their skills in powerful storytelling and unique artistic styling.