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The Cycle Free Weekend Playtest

YAGER Development has announced that starting on July 4 anyone can participate in The Cycle free weekend playtest.

With the free weekend playtest YAGER has announced the addition of Founder’s Packs to the competitive matched-based first-person shooter. Players can choose from three tiers of packs, Scout Pack, Explorer Pack, and Prospector Pack.

Each pack comes with instant access to the test phase and each tier contains everything from the previous. Some of the items in the packs include exclusive character customizations, weapon customization items, emotes, and a set amount of Aurum which is the community-named in game currency.

The Cycle is a first-person shooter with an emphasis on PvPvE action on the exotic alien world of Fortuna III. Gameplay focus also includes completing jobs, gearing up with new weapons and powers, outscoring other players, and escaping the planet alive. Players can team up or go against other prospectors to harvest resources, defeat the hostile local lifeforms, and make a fortune before the world, rivals, or even allies try to kill the player.

A recent developer update video was dropped on YouTube titled Dev Update #04 that talks about the future of vehicles in The Cycle. Also in the video Executive Producer Jonathan talks about recent changes to TTK, Time To Kill, and other changes coming for the next playtests. Lastly the video shows off some of the items found in the Founder’s Packs.

The free playtest weekend runs through the weekend and no keys will be needed for this test. Open beta is expected to open up soon after.

The Cycle is will be an Epic Games store exclusive. For the latest details on The Cycle or the playtest schedule players are encouraged to visit the game’s website at or the Epic Games store. More details on the Founder’s Packs can be found at

The Cycle Dev Update #04 | YAGER Development

YAGER Development (@YAGERdev Twitter) is an independent developer of video games that was found in 1999. Based in Berlin, Germany the company has five dedicated developers and artists with a focus on the creation of vivid and meaningful AAA gaming experiences.