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Defend the Keep Mid-July Release Date

Indie developer Vanille Games is set to drop their debut title Defend the Keep, a fast-paced strategy tower defense game, with a mid-July release date. With today’s announcement also comes the Defend the Keep trailer and a gameplay video.

Players will find themselves taking control of the keep’s tower where they can blast, electrocute, and poison waves of enemies as they defend their villages. Defend the Keep takes players through fields, forests, and mountains.

There are 20 levels which players will need to build towers, eliminate the enemies, and defend in order to figure out why these sudden attacks are happening. As the game progresses, the waves get bigger, the enemies get meaner with stronger ones joining the battle. Aim is crucial as every shot, every fireball, every blast counts.

Real-time strategy has been my favorite genre for over a decade. But in many cases, I’ve missed the fast-paced, palm sweating intensity, of an overwhelming tower defense match. I’ve tried to mix the best of both, while I’ve worked on Defend the keep, and I hope the players will get an intense experience, and enjoy the fantasy setting of my first game.

Ville Happo, Vanille Games Founder

Nine perks are available in which players can upgrade their abilities. There are twelve building upgrades with three tiers each that are unlockable through upgrade crystals. The crystals earned are based off the success of the player. Respecs are available whenever a player wants.

A notebook is available to aid players that is always expanding with information about abilities, buildings, enemies, and locations.

For those looking for more challenge or are missing an upgrade crystal, players can play levels on a time mode. In this mode the game speed gets faster and faster with no means of slowing it down. Finish the game on easy and start a more challenging difficulty.

Defend the Keep is scheduled for a mid-July release date, July 16, 2019 on Steam at a price of $7.99 USD. Currently the game will ship for Windows only with no other platforms yet planned. The install size is about 700MB. For more information visit the Defend the Keep website at

Defend the Keep Trailer | Vanille Games
Defend the Keep Gameplay | Vanille Games

Vanille Games (@VanilleGameDev Twitter) is based out of Vantaa, Finland. The solo developer studio was founded by Ville Happo who has a passion for everything related to game development. He has done the programming, modeling, animations, textures, and design by himself. The music for Defend the Keep is composed by the very talented Arto Kuusisto.