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Havocado Aquageddon Update

Webble Games crazy-silly physics multiplayer fighting game that is in Early Access released their huge Aquageddon Update for Havocado.

The debut title from Weeble Game’s has been in Early Access on Steam since late April and has gained a 9/10 rating.

I guess what I didn’t expect was that this project would so much fun; the most fun I’ve had since I was a kid, really. We’ve established a pattern of working, with regular cooperation between development team and community. It suits our approach and the gameplay just keeps evolving.

Jordi Van Den Bussche, Founder

In the Aquageddon update water buckets have been introduced adding a new layer of fun to the shooting, punching, driving over, and eliminating opponents.

There are four distinct teams in the game: Team Aqua, Team Army, Team Aero, and Team Alchemy. Each team symbolizes the vehicles and combat within the game while not restricting players to those disciplines. In the Aquageddon update Team Aqua arrives.

New legendary items will turn the player’s hilariously floppy fighter into a big and fearsome aquatic monster. Several new weapons have been added such as shark launchers, eel guns, and crab throwers each with their wacky animations. Other new items include a water turret, water jetpack, and the rare Sea King’s magical trident along with all-new levels. All of the

Havocado items spawn into game and the first player to them gets them. Also be on the look out for Team Aqua’s giant octopus named Kevin. He likes to smash things, people, all around the arena.

Our Aquageddon update is the first big update for Havocado and it means Team Aqua has truly arrived in the game. The other guys — Team Army, Team Aero and Team Alchemy — will get theirs too, of course. We’re really excited to see where the game will be when all teams have their own big updates live and in-game.

Jordi Van Den Bussche, Founder

Havocado is currently available in Early Access on Steam at a price of $9.99 USD. For more information visit the developers website at

Havocado Aquageddon Update – Animation Trailer

Webble Games (@Webble Twitter) is a brand-new game-development company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company was founded and powered by successful content creator Kwebbelkop. Havocado is Webble Games debut release.