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Exploding Babies, A Quirky Arena Blaster in August

Yes that title is correct. Exploding Babies the quirky arena blaster from Nutfarm Games will be entering Early Access this August.

This might be one of the strangest and messed up games ever. So the story takes place sometime after a an apocalyptic alien invasion. Aliens have totally decimated the Earth and enslaved the remaining humans. The aliens force the humans to breed heroic combat babies to fight endless waves of clone babies developed by the aliens with a single purpose. And that purpose is to explode of course.

Is it for fun? Is it for science? No one knows why either as the aliens don’t speak the languages of Earth.

Exploding Babies features both local co-op and competitive play. Friends will rejoice in the explodey fun, dark humor, and complete mayhem as either allies or enemies. A shared split screen option along with super easy controls, and full controller support lets players play any way they want.

There are over a dozen hero babies from which players may choose. Each has their own personality. Many different game modes add to the replay value such Classic Babymatch which is a best of three. Other modes include Baby of the Hill, Baby Pong, Baby Royale, and a special tournament mode for epic tantrum rage battles. Additionally there are several levels with different versions for the various game modes. Each level has unique traps and dangers.

The story behind Exploding Babies starts in 2017 at a game jam where the theme was waves. One team member, of the random team, said the game had to be about blowing up babies. Of course the team agreed. A simple version of the game was created, but people greatly enjoy the game. As time went on the they thought they would finish the game to entertain themselves, however, they realized the game was too cool to not bring to market.

Exploding Babies will be hitting Steam as an Early Access title on August 15, 2019 with a regular price of $11.99 USD. Interested players can wishlist the game now.

Exploding Babies Reveal Trailer

Nutfarm Games (@NutfarmGames Twitter) was founded in 2019 and is based out of Tuusula, Finland. The roots of the team go back to the 90’s when Ari Nikula and Olli Berg tried to make a game in high school. Both had a interest in the art of game making. As time went on they set out on a quest to find other talented people to join their ranks and in 2017 the foundation for Nutfarm was laid down at a game jam.