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Darewise Entertainment’s Project C Pre-Alpha Details

Darewise Entertainment is encouraging players to apply for playtest access to Project C, the stdio’s unnamed pre-Alpha MMO.

Project C is an open-world multiplayer game and with the pre-Alpha test players will be testing multiple elements of the game. In the multiplayer experience players are able to team up to join clans and build societies while exploring the abandoned planet Corvus. As a world rich with exotic wildlife, resources, and powerful technology, Corvus will be the centerpiece of the game’s development.

Interested players must know that this is not a typical playtest. Players will have to take a survey and once approved will go through an onboarding process that included a live video chat with a member of the Darewise development team.

Players are always at the center of a great multiplayer gaming experience, which is why we’re inviting a select group of gamers to join Project C now in such an early stage of development. The greatest adventures happen with friends and that’s the real ambition of Project C – to give players a truly dynamic open-world gaming experience to play with and compete against one another.

Benjamin Charbit, Darewise CEO

Darewise is a new studio that is led by former Assassin’s Creed lead, Benjamin Charbit. An all-star team of development talents has been assembled that includes Half-Life 2 and Dishonored visual director Viktor Antonov. The studio has partnered with Improbable to use its SpatialOS development platform with the intent to evolve open-world gaming.

Project C is the company’s first game in development and no release date has been set. Darewise Entertainment (@Darewise Twitter) sees this first playtest as the start of a series of community-focused tests and updates.

Developing a truly world class video game has always required a standout vision, great team and technical know-how. Today’s best games are also deeply connected to their community. For us to reach the vision and goals we’ve set for Project C, we’re going to need players to join us on this adventure and help us make an entirely new open world experience.

Samuel Kahn, Darewise chief technical officer

Players looking to apply to participate in the pre-Alpha playtest for Project C can visit the game’s website site at and click the apply now button.