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Rise of Industry Full Release

Kasedo Games and developer Dapper Penguin Studios are excited to announce that their massively addictive tycoon game, Rise of Industry hits its full release worldwide today.

Inspired by classic old-school tycoon games, Rise of Industry applies a modern twist by challenging players to build a fledgling company from the ground up. Along the way players will have to adapt to the ever-changing business climate while they create vast production lines, complex transport routes, and meet the demands of customers.

Rise of Industry Release Trailer

On top of the previously mentioned players will have to monitor their finite resources, fiercely competitive AI, and deal with industrial pollution.

Rise of Industry was designed with to be both accessible and have depth. There is enough strategic complexity and replayability in the game to satisfy hardcore fans of the genre while being simple enough with easy to understand mechanics for newcomers to the genre.

The game features a player tailored experience. Players can opt to specialize in trading, production, gathering, or any combination while research their way to bigger and better. PR and marketing strategies can be used to gain favor or repair damage with business partners.

There are over 100 individual products. All the products includes managing the manufacturing process for creating them from harvesting the raw materials all the way to the end product on store shelves. A solid transportation network to deliver these end products will be needed to allow the efficient transfer of goods by use of trucks, trains, and airships.

Competition is fierce with a highly competitive advanced town and city AI. Players are not the only ones looking for great deals. Every town has their own personality where they will need suitable approaches or players will face a negative backlash.

Each map is huge and procedurally generated. There will always be room to expand whether it be testing different scenarios or unleashing a players imagination in sandbox mode. Adapting quickly to current the business trend and climate is key with contracts, random events, and quests to keep the cash flowing and the company profitable.

Rise of Industry is available on Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux at a price of $29.99 USD. A free demo is available for download on Steam along with the Rise of Industry Official Soundtrack DLC for $3.99 USD. For more information visit the game’s website at

Dapper Penguin Studios is an indie game developer based out of Madrid, Spain. The studio believes that video games are an emotional and personal medium, not just a simple past time. They have dedicated their very souls in making the best possible simulation games while trying to resurrect a genre that seems forgotten in recent years. The studio includes veterans of the industry including former Blizzard Entertainment and Trion employees.

Kasedo Games is a division of Kalypso Media. The label is committed to publishing high quality games that are developed by handpicked and highly talented indie developers.