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Tubetastic: World Splashfest May Release

Developer Super Goodwin is filling up the pool for Tubetastic: World Splashfest this May with the Early Access release of their multiplayer party game. Along with today’s announcement comes a trailer filled with monster tube madness action and epic voice announcer.

Tubetastic: World Splashfest Monster Tube Madness

Players are to report to the pool with full intention to participate in a wacky and chaotic filled battle as the immerse themselves into this world. This insane water fight features face-owning power-ups and an arsenal of weapons as players battle their way to the top to become king of the pool.

Master the art of bouncing and boosting to dodge enemies. Play with friends (1-4 players) and foes in local and online battle royales and beat them down with brute force. A cooperative mode is available to take on a variety of dynamic enemies that lurk in the deep.

Each of the several wacky characters have their own unique starting abilities. Players will need to decide who is their favorite and best.

Tubetastic: World Splashfest hits Early Access on Steam Thursday, May 16, 2019 for $14.99 USD. A free demo will also be available on the launch day. For more information visit the game’s website at

Super Goodwin is an independent game developer studio based out of Modesto, California found by Chris Goodwin. The studio is focused on creating as much happiness as possible where they believe in the changing the world one smile at a time with their insanely unique and fun style.