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Dark Devotion RPG Launch Date Set

Developer Hibernian Workshop has set a next week launch date for their previously announced RPG adventure title, Dark Devotion. Players will bravely adventure through a grim and mysterious temple full of dangerous secrets.

Only the brave have a chance of surviving the the treacherous journey through the temple searching for divine recognition. A video introduction to the dark world has been prepared by Dark Devotion’s publisher The Arcade Crew to help prepare players for their journey. The temple’s trials will require an utmost performance of reflexes, intuition, and determination as the video is only a sample of the horrors that lurk inside the temple.

Dark Devotion – Gameplay Overview

Featuring a sprawling, dilapidated temple, players adventure through a twisted wretched environment full of mystery. Scores of dangerous foes lurk in the shadows and are met at each encounter. Combat is paced and weighty. Mistakes feel impactful and looting scarce supplies brings a fleeting moment of relief.

In the gameplay video the sidescroller’s gothic pixel art stylings are displayed in their full glory. The labyrinth design was partially inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Within Dark Devotion, faith is more than just a guide, it is an invaluable resource demanded by an unappeasable God. A God who is all too happy to watch players struggle against the most loyal of Templars.

Dark Devotion’s launch date is set for April 25, 2019 on Humble Bundle, Steam, and GOG for PC at a price of $19.99 USD. Nintendo Switch and PS4 console versions will come at a later date. By clicking the Humble Bundle link, Nano Gaming News may receive a small share of any sale made through this link.

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Hibernian Workshop (@HibernianWS Twitter) is an indie game studio based in France and was founded in 2014. The studio ran a successful Kickstarter in late 2017 exceeding the goal by over 10,000 Euros.

The Arcade Crew (@TheArcadeCrew Twitter) is a Paris based boutique publisher and a separate division of Dotemu. Founded in 2018, the publisher is dedicated to producing and publishing indie games with a retro feel from small creative teams.