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Staxel Exits Early Access

Launch day for developer Plukit’s Staxel has finally arrived today, Aprll 11, 2019 as the voxel based sandbox farming game exits Early Access.

Players are invited to settle into the life as a local farmer in a quaint little village filled with several interesting characters. After taking over a run-down abandoned farm, players are encouraged to grow crops, tend to their animals, and explore the island either by themselves or invite some friends to come along on the journey.

With the launch comes a new Magic Patch that features new Star Bits that fall during the night. These are a crucial item in the new Magic Crafting system that allows players to create powerful tool upgrades. Upgraded tools will be needed to make progress on certain quests. Even if players can use them yet, it is highly recommended to still gather them up.

Since the initial Early Access launch several new villagers have been introduced and other NPCs to the world of Staxel. Players should speak to Mayor Maximilian to find out who is new to the village or who is waiting to move in as soon as housing becomes available.

Villagers can befriended through daily chat and interactions such as giving them gifts and completing quests. Players will even get some neat items in return for their efforts. After becoming best friends with someone from the village players can choose to have them move in on the farm as a roommate.

New magical islands have been added as a part of a new Portal Festival that happens bi-weekly. The mail system has seen some changes with players now able to send mail to other players. Of course the postal shop will need to be setup so players should talk to Leif at the general store.

A new dog has been added along with a new pet species that are leaf chompers. This new species is unlocked by befriending a certain villager who is fond of animals.

Several festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Some involve hunting down rogue fairies while others are exploring new areas and filling up on loot. A museum can be built at the request of a mysterious villager where various artifacts and collections can be displayed.

The month calendar has been expanded from 16 days to a full 30 days. Longer seasons with more time for fun. Speaking of time, Staxel days are now longer so players can really spend time immersed in this wonderful world of Staxel.

Staxel is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle for a base price of $19.99 USD. Special launch promotions run on Steam and Humble Bundle until April 18, 2019. By clicking the Humble Bundle link, Nano Gaming News may receive a small share of any sale made through this link.

Staxel Launch Trailer

Staxel (@StaxelGame Twitter) is developed by Plukit, a development team based out of the Netherlands and is published by Humble Bundle.

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