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Get Funky Action in L.A. Funk Game Trailer

Hard Knuckle Games released a new trailer for their L.A. Funk action arcade game. This new breed of action arcade game takes the classic formulas of arcade games and dives into a whole new dimension with the new game trailer.

Set in 1980’s Los Angeles, L.A. Funk does not disappoint fans of the era with flashing neon signs and an accompanying retro synth soundtrack. Player’s become Jack Tatum who is trying to find out what happened to his journalist fiance who disappeared when stumbling upon something she should not have found.

The story begins deep in a gang’s territory where player’s find themselves in the middle of a gang war. One must fight their way through the various gangs in the neighborhood and shady corporate security firms. All this action takes place in a 2.5 sidescrolling street fight that respects the classics that came before. A variety of combos and unlock-able finishing moves that are easy to use, but difficult to master are available.

L.A. Funk Game Teaser Trailer

Numerous weapons are available as well to gently put down (read as whack and shoot) those who stand in Jack’s way.

When the street brawl is over, players can buy a motorbike and have a thrill ride while being chased by gangsters or corrupt police. Dodge traffic, spray the uzi, and head to the next breadcrumb on what happened to Jack’s fiance. And don’t forget to blast those retro synths created by sound designer Ryan Trebilcock.

To sum up L.A. Funk it can best be described as a most excellent mix of any classic Sylvester Stallone action role and GTA.

L.A. Funk is slated for a 2019 released date for PC. Console dates are TBA. A Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for April 2019. For more information visit the L.A. Funk game website at

Hard Knuckle Games (@HardKuckleGms Twitter) is based out of the United Kingdom and is a creation of solo developer Alex Bulman. L.A. Funk their debut title and has been a passion project since inception. The goal of the game is to recapture the feel of the 1980’s while staying true to arcade classics.