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CryoFall Survival RPG Now in Early Access

Daedalic Entertainment and AtomicTorch Studio launched their multiplayer survival RPG, CryoFall, into Early Access. Set on a harsh alien world this unique multiplayer experience sets players on a sci-fi experience of challenging survival.

Unlimited opportunities combined with a complex survival experience offers players a chance to make their own mark on the world. Characters have multiple specializations available to them as players discover new methods farming, hunting, cooking, crafting, mining, building and trading.

Players taking on the challenge of survival will be faced with choosing to work with others to build a functional new society or give into their primal urges and try taking what others have worked hard to build for their own means. A variety of official and community servers hosting persistent worlds with up to 200 players each are available for players.

CryoFall Early Access Release Trailer

Exploration is both key and critical in this alien environment. Survival is dependent on this alien world filled with dangerous landscapes full of hidden labs to discover and exotic alien lifeforms to both harvest and fight.

Key features of CryoFall include a complex crafting and industrial system that contains oil refining and lithium extraction. Various stages of technological progress as players advance. Complex farming with crop growth simulation and fertilizers along with diverse cooking options.

In addition the game features a fully functional economy simulation with coin minting, trading, and automated vending machines. Storyline elements are discovered through exploration of the diverse environments with several biomes such as temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, and wasteland to name a few.

Going forward, AtomicTorch Studio have laid out a roadmap of currently planned updates. One important update to note is that for players who dislike PvP a PvE update is planned with separate PvE servers.

CryoFall is available now on Steam Early Access for Windows PC with a price of $19.99 USD. More information about CryoFall is available on the game’s website at

Daedalic Entertainment (@daedalic Twitter) is a publisher that develops high-quality games for all platforms. The publisher is based in Hamburg, Germany and was founded in March, 2007. In May 2014 the publisher became a member of the Bastei Lübbe group of companies.

AtomicTorch Studio (@AtomicTorch Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Singapore. Founded in 2013 the studio strives to develop innovative, fun, and accessible games that fuse gameplay and visuals from classic titles with modern technologies and novel ideas. CryoFall is the third and most ambitious title from the studio.