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MMO Shooter SteamCraft April Release Date

Last Level’s MMO vehicle comabt shooter, SteamCraft, is set to run over the competition with the game’s mid-April release. The games features a one-of-a-kind combat vehicle for land and air battles.

Players can set their imagination free and wild to create the unique combat vehicle that will lead them to victory. A massive selection of components along with an impressive arsenal are available to players as they design their dream vehicle to crush opponents both on land and in the air. There are no limits on what player’s can create and building terrify steam-powered mechanical monstrosities is heavily encouraged.

SteamCraft Official Announcement Trailer

Each battle takes place in a location that is selected randomly. Players must be ready for any combat scenario if they wish to be victorious. The primary objective is to kill everything that moves. Winners will earn rewards and the ability to add more to their vehicle.

In this game one much follow the rules and the first rule to SteamCraft is there are no rules. The crazier the vehicle the more dangerous they are from machines guns to missiles.

Key game features include an advanced construction system for unique combat designs. There are over 600 construction components and over 40 weapons. The game features a realistic damage model that allows destroyed parts to fly off the vehicles with respect to actual physics. Several game modes that include deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

SteamCraft launches on Steam for Windows PC users on April 18, 2019. Visit the game’s website for more information at

Last Level is a game development company based in Russia. They focus on the development of browser-based, mobile, and desktop games using the Unity3d engine.