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God Game Tidal Tribe Announced

Indie Developer Sepia Rain announced that their god game title, Tidal Tribe, will be available for Windows PC in Q2 2019.

Similar to classic god games, Tidal Tribe gives players the ability to shape the terrain of a world that is constantly bombarded by waves. Villages need to be protected from floods. The same water can be used to turn the desert into a lust forest of trees and shrubbery. Create lakes, shape rivers, and hold back the tide.

As the player shapes the world trees will grow. There are many tree types and each type has its own set of growing conditions. Once these conditions are satisfied, players can watch a new forest grow before them.

A completely dynamic world is available for shaping and manipulation. Shapeable terrain that has waves flowing through it and even possibly eroding it. Vegetation grows depending upon water villages expand and shrink with time. An NPC AI includes collecting fruits, satisfying needs, spending free time, and depending upon play the possibility of stealing for survival, guarding plantations, fighting, and waging war.

Tidal Tribe Announcement Trailer

The game has several different gameplay modes that includes a campaign, free game, and challenge. Free game mode allows a player to just play around in a randomly generated world. Challenge mode tracks score and time with currently 4 challenges and more planned for the future.

Campaign story mode focuses on five main missions along with side missions, minigames, and some surprises. Depending on what a player does can cause the story to take a different turn.

Tidal Tribe is scheduled for a Q2 2019 launch on Steam for Windows PC. Mac and Linux releases may come at a later date.

Sepia Rain (@Sepia_Rain Twitter) also known as PowPit is a solo developer ran by Pit Gennari. Based out of Luxembourg, Gennari after finishing his CS degree in 2013, sat out to create a god game inspired by classic titles such as Populous, Doshin the Giant, and From Dust.