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Willowbrooke Post Shows Features in Gameplay Trailer

With the fast approaching Early Access release Willowbrooke Post has dropped a gameplay trailer that shows game features and some characters.

Entering Early Access players get to take over the charming Willowbrooke village post office. After being left in charge by the character’s parents until they return, players will need to manage all aspects of the community post office hub.

Players will need to serve customers and manage relationships. Both the posts finances and mail delivery system require work. Each letter will need a valid stamp, a correct address, and sorted. Sometimes a letter or package will need to be hand delivered. Parcel wrapping allows players to engage in their creativity.

Balance sheets and bills must be handled to keep the small post office in business. Utilities such as gas, water, and electricity add up along with monthly rent.

Snooping through mail is a great way for players to get to know the villagers more. Also players have the option to hand over those special packages or pretend they never saw it. One such example is Magnifique’s camera that they been waiting for.

A players energy will need to be monitored. If it gets too low, work will pile up for the next day. Cooking helps keep a players energy levels up as they work during the day.

Throughout Early Access enhancements to the postal management aspect will be made. Additionally the stories expansive narrative will be expanded along with new characters. For the Willowbrooke post office it is up to players to determine how they will conduct business and if they can turn it into a thriving success.

Willowbrooke Post enters Steam Early Access on March 27, 2019 for PC. The game features soundtrack work composed by Chris Randle. For more on the game information visit

Willowbrooke Post is a passion project for solo developer Dante Knoxx. With nearly a decade of industry experience Knoxx has worked on various innovative projects for PC and Xbox. Production on Willowbrooke began in late 2017 and signed with Excalibur Games in 2018. Excalibur Games is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd.