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Exocraft A Design MMO Launches

GoldFire Studios has launched their newest MMO, Exocraft, where players design custom spacecraft and command their own fleet.

Exocraft places players in charge of their own space mining fleet at a dying alien world. Players will mange their crew members, design custom spacecraft, and use an army of worker drones to defeat ancient guardians. The alien world’s landscape is littered with ancient guardians and the richest resource deposits will require both strategy and skill in the dynamic world.

Exocraft has its roots in simple IO games like and, but it grew to be something much bigger. We wanted to create the next evolution of the genre with persistent progression, gameplay depth and an extensive community element.

James Simpson founder of GoldFire Studios

The result creates a unique combination of action, strategy, management, and simulation for players in this dynamic massively multiplayer world as players design and conquer resource deposits.

Also, unlike other games that require players to select a server or has limited size arenas, the Exocraft world scales based on the number of online players. Everyone shares the same massive world and competes for the same pool of resources. Friends will always be able to play with friends and enjoy the same gameplay experience.

Exocraft is available for free on Steam for PC and Mac users. For more information visit the Exocraft site at

GoldFire Studios (@GoldFireStudios Twitter) was founded in 2008 by James Simpson as the first game studio in Oklahoma City. The studio focuses on building real-time multiplayer games that are centered around community-based interactions. Currently the studio is a 5 member team with the launch of the Exocraft design MMO and is at the ground floor of the growing tech scene in the state.