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Crimson Keep Lands on Xbox One and PS4.

Merge Games along with developer Team Crimson is set to expand Crimson Keep by bringing the permadeath RPG to Xbox One and PS4 this March.

Released for PC on Steam and Nintendo Switch in late November 2018, Crimson Keep’s expansion to additional consoles will allow more players to experience the rogue-like first person action RPG. A trailer is available on the Merge Games YouTube channel.

Crimson Keep focuses on explorations, combat, and survival as players journey through the dungeons below the curse destroyed village of Larkstead. RPG progression is combined with rogue-like gameplay for survival and first person action combat keeps players on their toes.

Three classes are available to play, Berserker, Witch, and Drifter. Each bit of XP or loot is critical in determining if a player will survive. Skill will go far in learning special strategies to kill certain enemies and determining their weak points. Characters have access to a wide range of weapons and abilities as they progress which will be useful for various combat situations.

Each dungeon layout is procedurally generated. That means items, objects, and enemies never appear in the same spot. The game also challenges players with the permadeath mechanic. When a player dies they lose everything. Bright side is if a player completes a zone they will respawn at the zones start point if they do die. However, it is just best if players don’t die.

Crimson Keep will be available for PS4 players on March 5 and Xbox One players on March 6, 2019. The price will be $19.99 USD on either platform. Purchases made between March 5 and March 12, 2019 will receive an introductory discount of 20%. More information can be found at

Merge Games (@MergeGamesLtd Twitter) is an independent game publisher and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes games for PC, console, and mobile devices worldwide.

Team Crimson is comprised of Seattle based game designer and artist, Ian Atherton (@ianatherton Twitter), the coding skills of Ben Rog-Wilhelm, and musical talents of Matt Oglesby (@mjoaudio Twitter).