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Baptiste is Overwatch’s Newest Hero

The Overwatch Twitter account teased Baptiste yesterday. Now we have more details on Baptiste, Overwatch’s newest hero as the Overwatch PTR is updated.

Billed as a medic who is no angel of mercy, Baptiste is the 30th and newest hero in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch franchise. Baptiste is an elite combat medic armed with an arsenal of experimental healing devices. His primary weapon is the Biotic Launcher featuring a three round burst with accuracy, recoil control, and significant damage output. This is in addition to the projectiles ability to heal allies near the impact point.

Other abilities include a Regenerative Burst that is an activated ability. Once activated it not only heals Baptiste, but all nearby allies over time. Baptiste has a passive Exo Boots ability that allows him to jump higher after first crouching. The Immortality Field is a device that creates a death prevention field for allies. Unfortunately it doesn’t protect the device as it can be destroyed.

Lastly is Baptiste’s ultimate ability the Amplification Matrix. When activated the matrix allows the doubling of damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it. Currently it is unclear if channeled abilities such as Zarya’s beam or Mercy’s Caduceus Staff will be affect by the matrix.

The hero’s backstory is of a man named Jean-Baptiste Augustin who is 36 years old and a combat medic. He was formally affiliated with the Caribbean Coalition and also Talon with his former based of operations in Tortuga, Haiti.

Baptiste is now currently live to test on the Overwatch PTR. Happy healing!