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Cosmonator RPG Shooter Launches on Steam

Indie developer Bourbontank announced that their RPG shooter Cosmonator has launched on Steam. Aliens destroyed the Earth. It is up to players to kill them all and avenge Earth’s destruction.

Best described as a top-down RPG shoot-em up hybrid, Cosmonator focuses on custom character builds and tight gameplay. Players can expect to find typical character building elements of RPG gameplay in the game. Plus the game has a classic arcade look and feel as shown in the Cosmonator gameplay trailer.

Ships are slowly built up to suit a players particular play style. From passive builds that focus on high firepower, strong sideships, and customized homing missiles to tank builds with strong shields, armor, and defensive abilities can be accommodated. There is also a spellcaster build with numerous highly destructive special attacks with the ability to control time itself.

All abilities, spells, weapons, and upgrades are individually customizable allowing for maximum character customization to suit a players style.

The game has a massive amount of content. There are 40 main missions and more than 20 additional unlockable side-missions that are optional. Included are a legion of epic boss battles.

After being in Early Access for nearly a year Cosmonator was released in late January.Patch was recently released on February 18 that featured several improvements including various frame fixes and other updates.

Cosmonator is now available on Steam for $6.99 USD for PC.

Bourbontank (@Bourbontank Twitter) is a small indie game developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. The team of two that consists of a lead developer with over 10 years of development experience and a expert game designer that has a flair for combining mechanics into unique situations.