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Deck of Ashes Coming Soon to Early Access

The story-driven open-world deck-building RPG from AY Games, Deck of Ashes, is coming soon to Steam Early Access.

Deck of Ashes is a single-player procedurally generated turn-based RPG. Players must explore the world to track down powerful cards to forge their Battle Deck. Each battle brings ever-more challenging foes where players use their deck to vanquish the ultimate evil and dispel the Ash Curse.

Death is permanent, so players will want to avoid that. Each new game features a new experience with each procedurally generated realm. There are unique biomes with different monsters.

The game comes off with a look and feel of Darkest Dungeon smashed with the Slay the Spire’s card combat system. However clearly differs as players explore the open random world from the procedurally generated content for each game.

Deck of Ashes launches on Steam Early Access on April 11, 2019. A trailer is currently available for viewing on the game’s Steam page.

AY Games (@AygamesO Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Russia. The studio’s goal is to release quality and interesting games to the market place. The team currently has 12 members each whom are talented professionals looking to show their skills off to the world.