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Find Your Souldflame an Evergate Dating Service

For Valentine’s Day Stone Lantern Games launched a dating service, well a dating site. Ok it is more of a funding tier for their 2D puzzle platformer Evergate Kickstarter campaign now in their stretch goals.

This new promotion and tier arrived just in time before Valentine’s Day. A holiday that is about finding that special someone. Evergate is a game that is all about finding your kindred spirit. The developer thought it would be fun to bring that story to life this holiday with the Find Your Soulflame tier. The site even has a find your match quiz.

In the Find Your Soulflame tier which is set at $6500 the studio will apply their combined powers of data science, charm, and romance to help you achieve this dream. They will work with you to set up dating profiles that show you off at your very best and advise as you connect with potential soulmates.

They do have a disclaimer that they are not a professional dating company and cannot guarantee results. They will guarantee everything in the Find Your Soulflame tier which also includes, a PAX East VIP experience, design a level with the developers, create a backstory, all physical rewards, digital copy of the game, and much more.

If you want to Find Your Soulflame, visit

The Evergate Kickstarter campaign runs until 2:02 AM PST February 15, 2019.