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Occupy White Walls Version 2.0 Released

StikiPixels released version 2.0 of their free-to-play art gallery building MMO, Occupy White Walls.

The premise of the game is to take empty space and fill it with art. In this PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO, players start with a blank canvas. From there they can build the gallery of their dreams using various art styles.

Tons of 18th and 19th century art is available along with some cool contemporary art. There are 1762 and counting architectural assets to build the place to hold the art. Occupy White Walls blurs the line between world builder and art education tool.Occupy White Walls is a virtual world unlike any other

Occupy White Walls is a virtual world unlike any other. OWW is shredding the rulebook for art accessibility by using the virtual to show the real world how it’s done. You don’t have to like all art, you just have to know there is art you’ll like – OWW will do the rest. Throw a wall here, a window there, add a doorway to the room where you keep all your pictures of thunderstorms, abstract squares, or anything by Cezanne. Whatever you want, OWW will help you find it, display it, and show it off to others.

Professor Richard A. Bartle, an advisor on the game and one of the pioneers of massively multiplayer online game design.

DAISY, a cutting edge AI is featured in Occupy White Walls. The AI tracks a player’s taste in art based off their purchases and gallery visits. This information is compiled by DAISY to custom-tailor player experiences. As players curate and develop their gallery, DAISY will point them in the direction of new pieces they may enjoy.

In the latest release, version 2.0, collaborative galleries are available. Showrooms of other players are open for exploration and viewing. French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish localisation has also been added.

Occupy White Walls is available to play for free on Steam.

The Unreal Engine powered game launched on November 14, 2018. Occupy White Walls features over 250 positive reviews and is currently in Early Access. For more information visit the game’s website at

SikiPixels is a self-described secretive start-up based out of London. The studio makes games that leverage fun to create something altogether more profound. Technology, psychology, art and engineering are their tools. Games that change the world for the better is their legacy.