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Evergate Speedrunning Challenge in New Demo

The afterlife 2D puzzle platformer Evergate from Stone Lantern Games has a new speedrunning challenge in their new demo.

In the new speedrunning challenge titled #EvergateChallenge interest players and Kickstarter supporters are encouraged to download the new demo for the speedrun. All challengers who complete the demo in under 20 minutes will earn a unique Discord title and a personalized digital Certificate of Completion.

There are three tiers that will result in unique rewards. Complete the demo in under 20 minutes, 7 minutes, and 3:30 minutes.

All players that set or beat world record times will earn a free copy of Evergate, access to all future demo updates, a unique Discord title, a and Certificate of Completion. Stone Lantern Games will also include the top-10 times at PAX East with an #EvergateChallenge leaderboard.

The challenge is now underway and an end date will be announced closer to the end of the Evergate Kickstarter campaign end date.

To compete in the challenge players must compete using the most up-to-date demo located on the Kickstarter page. Players then can post a screenshot of their best time that is available on the last screen of the demo or post a video pf the fastest run with the #EvergateChallenge hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, or directly on the official Evergate Discord server. All screenshots must have the verification number visible.

Evergate has received full funding on Kickstarter and has now entered their stretch goals phase. Two of the stretch goals have been unlocked with a third on the way. Funding for this project ends at 2:02 AM PST on Friday, February 15, 2019. To add your support visit the Evergate Kickstarter page.

Stone Lantern Games (@StnLntrnGames Twitter) is a Boston based studio comprised of MIT graduates. Each member of the team specializes in Visual Effects, Art, Music, or Narrative. Evergate is the studios first title.