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Astroneer Lifts Off With Release Launch

System Era Softworks has lifted off Astroneer from Early Access to the 1.0 release launch.

During the Early Access phase more than 2 million spacefaring players enjoyed Astroneer. From the playful trailer it is easy to understand why players would enjoy this interplanetary open world survival sandbox game. The release trailer showcases the highly stylized and charming frontier yet clearly demonstrates the challenging environment that awaits all who dare brave the dangers of space travel, exploration, and survival in Astroneer.

Players will need to harness their ingenuity to survive and thrive. As players adventure on seven uncharted planets they will be able to unravel the mysteries of abandoned structures scattered across the surface of the planets. Each world features vibrant terrains and unfamiliar oddities. The terrain itself can be excavated, elevated, and terraformed.

Exploring allows the player astronauts to encounter the various structures and engineer new technology. Many exciting new recipes and tools allow players to craft and tinker. Bases are fully customizable with new modules.

We’ve been on this adventure with our community for over two years now and it’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to polish Astroneer’s terraforming, crafting, and multiplayer. With 1.0, we’re bringing more content so our veteran explorers have as much to look forward to as those just blasting off with us at launch.

Joe Tirado, System Era Softworks Communications Director

Character customization allows astronauts to showoff their personal tastes while distinguishing themselves from friends in the four player co-op. The first post-launch major update will bring dedicated servers and cross-play. This will enable adventurers to build their bases and embark on journeys together regardless of platform and double the maximum number of players to 8.

Astroneer is now available on Steam and Xbox One for $29.99 USD. A special promotion on Steam runs until February 18, 2019 for $23.99 USD. The Astroneer Original Soundtrack is available as DLC for $5.99 USD.

System Era Softworks (@SES_dev Twitter) is an independent game development studio based out of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by space-exploration and possessing an optimistic view of space-age futurism, the System Era Softworks team strives to build games that motivate future generations of spacefarers. More information on Astroneer can be found on the games website at