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The Blind Prophet Fully Funded on Kickstarter

The Blind Prophet kicked off a mid-January Kickstarter campaign and has received full funding with just less than a week left.

Now come the stretch goals. The first set of goals are various language support. Beyond that are goals that include additional NPCs, places in the city, additional missions and timeline, professional sound design work, voice acting, special FX work, additional musician work for cinematics and OST, and even more content. Plus there is the super secret Mystery Stretch Goal.

Nearly 400 backers have supported the game so far. In addition those who have downloaded and played the free demo have left maximum user ratings on both Gamejolt and

The Blind Prophet is a point and click narrative adventure game. Set in the city of Rotbork with a lurking Great Evil players take on the role of apostle Bartholomeus. Players journey through the dark cyberpunk comic book stylings while exploring the divine destiny set before Bartholomeus.

Mind-bending puzzles and a world full of charismatic character await players. Ethical choices drive the narration and story about philosophy, redemption, and the moral struggle.

The Blind Prophet is set to be released in French, English, Japanese, and Korean. Additional languages are being considered depending upon the success of the Kickstarter campaign. The game will be initially released on PC and Mac this year. Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS versions will launch at a later date.

To add your support to The Blind Prophet or play the free demo, visit the The Blind Prophet’s Kickstarter campaign page.

The Blind Prophet is being developed by solo developer Baptiste Miny (@ArsGoetiaGames Twitter) who is based in France.