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Conqueror’s Blade Sets Full-Featured Closed Beta Date

Developer Booming Games and publisher have set a date for a fully-featured Closed Beta Test of Conqueror’s Blade.

Described as the ultimate medieval warlord experience players will participate in MMO action. This Closed Beta Test begins when the city gates for the dedicated North American and European servers unlock for a limited time starting on February 7, 2019. In this Closed Beta Test phase brand new and spectacular tutorial missions to Conqueror’s Blade are available. These tutorials help new players prepare for the hardship of feudal life beyond the city gates.

Conqueror’s Blade is a free to play massively multiplayer action game that puts players as warlords on the medieval battlefield. Players participate in brutal class-based action, dynamic squad tactics and campaign-level strategy. All of this action takes place on a historical realm that combines the medieval West and the mysterious East.

Iconic weapons from various medieval superpowers are available such as the poleaxe, short bow, longsword and shield, glaive, and musket.

Warlords prioritize conquest. Players need to seek and raise armies to secure distant lands for resources, occupy settlements, and build fortifications to protect their conquests from rival players and kingdoms. The experience and full weight of command is put on players as they march epic armies across difficult terrain while encumbered by brutal siege weapons.

The Closed Beta Test is set to begin on February 7, 2019. To sign up for beta, and learn about the exact test times along with instructions visit Following the Closed Beta Test, a “House Members Only” Closed Beta Test will begin on February 18. Players interested in testing out the game’s social functionality can join with their friends during the House Members Only Closed Beta Test.

Booming Games is a China-based game development company that aims to create world-class AAA games. The company has created their own in house engine CHAOS. Based off the CHAOS engine the studio developed a 3D epic warfare PC game used 5 years of research and development to create Conqueror’s Blade. is a Netherlands based publisher that is an international subsidiary of Mail.Ru based out of Moscow.