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Worbital Blasts Onto Steam Launch

The deep-space real-time ballistic artillery game Worbital from Team Jolly Roger, blasts onto Steam with the studio’s second title launch.

Worbital takes firing massive guns at one’s friends to a planetary, strike that, universal level. Up to 4 players in online and local game modes, Worbital features action filled battles across full star systems.

Players control an entire planet and customize the surface for railguns, missiles, lasers, and other nasty ballistic weaponry. An extreme arsenal of planet ending weapons and doomsday devices allow players to strategically assert their dominance over the star system. Or they can choose to blow the whole thing up including that pesky thing called the sun.

Cosmic chaos is the theme. Players can sling asteroids, create black holes, make it rain solar flares, and exploit shifting gravity for maximum carnage on enemy planets. Planets are not left defenseless as players can build shield defenses, orbit boosters, and other goodies to avoid those really nasty weapons like World Rammers. Players interested in discussing strategies or to find other players are encouraged to join the game’s Discord server.

Let the world domination strategizing begin as Worbital is now available on Steam for PC and Mac. The game is set at $19.99 USD. A special promotion runs until February 7 for $16.99 USD.

Team Jolly Roger (@teamjollyroger Twitter) is a video game development studio at the forefront of the Finnish video game creative scene. Based in Kajaani, Finland and founded in late 2013, the studio had previously released, with publisher Team17Interplanetary, a turn-based artillery game. The studio’s current title Orbital has been developed in close cooperation with Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. from Hamilton, Bermuda who facilitates game development and publishing.

For more information on WorbitalTeam Jolly Roger, or Advanced Interactive Gaming visit their websites.