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Metro Exodus Uncovered Video Introduces Newcomers to the World of Metro

Deep Silver and 4A Games released a new gameplay video, Metro Exodus Uncovered, that introduces newcomers to the world of Metro.

The Metro Exodus Uncovered video shows off the highly detailed world, intense gameplay, and powerful story. A story that unfolds over four seasons of one year across a post apocalyptic Russia. Players make their home aboard the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive as they travel across the continent.

Exploration, survival, and stealth combined with ferocious combat help tell the story. The year is 2036, now a quarter century since nuclear war devastated the planet. A few thousand survivors cling to life under Moscow in the Metro. Artyom, the series protagonist, takes his wife Anna and a band of Spartan Rangers on a journey searching for a better place to live.

Metro Exodus takes the cinematic narrative gameplay of previous games in the series and combines it with a vast open environments. Players face a harsh world full of mutants which are most powerful at night and bands of hostile human factions. Combat ranges from brutal attacks to full blown firefights in this first person shooter survival story.

How players deal with hostiles is up to them. They can attack at night or in the day, go in guns blazing or take a more stealth approach. There is a powerful and unique arsenal of fully customizable weapons allowing modifications. Weapons can be stripped for upgrades. An example is a revolver in the video that has a longer barrel attached with a shoulder stock and a scope becoming a long range weapon.

Exploration is rewarded with each area having its own story. A hidden hamlet with dark secrets, a forgotten nuclear bunker, or an ancient church that has become something sinister await players.

Pointless fetch quests or busy work won’t be found in Metro Exodus. Each objective is narrative driven and player choices have a real impact on how the story unfolds.

Survival is everything as Artyom hunts for resources. Besides the hostile mutants or enemy factions, the world is full of hazards. Toxic environments and anomalies along with a dynamic weather system that has electrical storms make surviving all the more difficult.

One thing made abundantly clear this is a large world in which the player can be fully immersed.

Metro Exodus releases on February 15, 2019 for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Xbox One, and PS4. More information can be found at

Deep Silver (@deepsilver Twitter) develops and distributes interactive games for all platforms as the publishing division of German multinational corporation Koch Media based in Planegg, Germany. Founded in 2002, Deep Silver has published more than 200 games.

4A Games (@4AGames Twitter) is a multinational and multicultural game development studio with offices in Malta and Ukraine. Founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2005 the studio worked on Metro 2033, the first of the Metro series, an adaptation of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro novel series. In 2014, 4A Games moved their headquarters to Malta.