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Total World War Announcement

Zero Games Studios is bringing Total World War a turn-based strategy game by the end of 2019 with their game announcement.

The game is loosely inspired by early 2000 era popular turn-based strategy games such as Advance Wars and has been in development since 2016.

A game trailer accompanied the announcement that features some early gameplay footage along with some of the more interesting features. One such feature is the cartoonish 3D graphics with over the top blood. A soldier shoots an enemy soldier in the neck, blood is going to spurt out. Or if someone loses their head, blood will erupt out similar to that of Old Faithful. In other words, lots of blood.

Another interesting feature is the games humor. There are several crazy generals that are clearly a satire of real world leaders. Each with exaggerated features and almost familiar names.

The game system features dynamic weather, super powers, ambush system, combos system, up to 4 players multiplayer mode, over 50 different unit models, over 50 unique maps, and loads of stupid humor. For example near the trailer’s end the Total World War logo hits the screen with two cows floating into the air with several balloons tied to them.

And lastly there are explosions. Things go boom. From tanks shooting at mobile missile launchers to dropping a small nuke, this game is full of them.

Total World War is set to launch by end of 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Zero Games Studios (@ZeroGamesTweets Twitter) is an independent game studio based out of France. The studio primarily focuses on racing and strategy games who specialize in Unity and Unreal Engine development alongside their own middleware and internal software development for their partners.