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Space Station Builder Meeple Station Launches in Early Access

Vox Games has announced that Meeple Station, their moddable space station building sim is now available as a Steam Early Access title.

Inspired by Rimworld, Meeple Station allows players to build and manage a large multilevel space station. Players are able to explore the galaxy, research new tech, salvage, and trade while expanding their station.

Meeple each have a mind of their own and are messy. They will need management. The station crew is managed and accommodated through the interface.

Space is hostile. Players will need to defend the station against space pirates boarding and bombing attacks. Meteors pose a real threat and can destroy entire sections of the space station sending Meeple flying off into space.

Beta sales for Meeple Station opened up on a few weeks ago to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Meeple Station is available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam Early Access at a regular price of $19.99 USD. A special $16.99 USD promotion runs until January 24, 2019. Meeple Station is also available through other sites including, Humble, Gamejolt, Green Man Gaming and Fanatical.

Vox Games is an Australian based small indie game studio and is the same team behind Regions of Ruin. Meeple station is the first game for new publisher Modularity that will focus on moddable games.

For more information about Meeple Station, Vox Games, and Modularity visit their website.