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Worbital A Space Ballistic Tactics Game Announces Launch Date

Team Jolly Roger set the launch date for their space ballistic tactics game Worbital. Taking off on January 31, 2019 Worbital is ready to blast planets apart in a blend of long-range combat and real-time cosmic chaos.

Described as a spiritual follow-up to the developer’s last game Interplanetary, Worbital combines flinging artillery across a solar system with real-time strategy combat and a touch of total planetary destruction.

Players take command of planets that have really big guns, lasers, exotic fortifications such as planetary shields, and maniacal doomsday weapons like the World Rammer. And yes, the World Rammer does what it sounds like it does. It is a gigantic projectile that can knock planets from their orbits leaving them at the mercy of good old gravity.

Gameplay features both online and local multiplayer modes as well as skirmishes versus AI mode. With the wacky fun, over-sized dramatically exaggerated weapons, and near cartoonish look, any gathering of friends should find loads of enjoyment in the planetary mayhem. Set out to decimate and expunge each other’s planets because in the end the last civilization standing wins.

Worbital is set to launch on January 31, 2019 on Steam with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Team Jolly Roger (@teamjollyroger Twitter) is a video game development studio at the forefront of the Finnish video game creative scene. Based in Kajaani, Finland and founded in late 2013, the studio had previously released, with publisher Team17, Interplanetary, a turn-based artillery game. The studio’s current title Orbital has been developed in close cooperation with Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd. from Hamilton, Bermuda who facilitates game development and publishing.

For more information on Worbital, Team Jolly Roger, or Advanced Interactive Gaming visit their websites.