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RPG Dark Devotion Side Scrolls into Action Early 2019

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop announced that their sidescrolling action RPG Dark Devotion will be available in early 2019.

Depicting a society’s commitment to a macabre religion the game has received positive praise in previews, several nods from PAX East 2018, Gamescom and Bitsummit for impressive showings and is one to watch in early next year.

The game encourages adventurers to explore the world and experiment with caution. Traps and ghoulish enemies await to punish the careless. Weapon choice is important and can lead to a disadvantage in combat.

Inspired from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe combined with French gothic architecture creates a pixelated dark atmosphere. A sense of dread and danger greets any adventure who wonders the labyrinth of chambers and dark rooms. The meticulously crafted and detailed pixel art brings every scene and every encountered horror to life.

In the boss trailer interested players can see some of the basic gameplay mechanics, environments, and over all artistic look of Dark Devotion. The game itself features several distinctive gameplay mechanics such as blessings, curses, and prayers.

This RPG has four worlds. Each has world has several paths with their own environment and atmosphere. Some paths are inter-connected and secrets are everywhere in the Temple.

Players will have plenty of opportunity to loots different weapons, armors, and relics each with their own qualities. Weapons are customizable through the use of mystical runes.

Kill enemies and collect faith to unlock secret paths, special chests, and more, but be wise to use it sparingly. By collecting pages scattered throughout the Temple players will begin to understand what happened when they are read.

Dark Devotion drops in Q1 2019 for PC on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 owners.

Hibernian Workshop (@HibernianWS Twitter) is an indie game studio based in France and was founded in 2014. The studio ran a successful Kickstarter in late 2017 exceeding the goal by over 10,000 Euros.

The Arcade Crew (@TheArcadeCrew Twitter) is a Paris based boutique publisher and a separate division of Dotemu. Founded in 2018, the publisher is dedicated to producing and publishing indie games with a retro feel from small creative teams.

For more information on Dark Devotion or The Arcade Crew visit their websites.