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3D Platformer Spiralagon Adds New Icy Incursion Zone

Solo developer Terminal Button has added the first update to their first game Spiralagon. The update to the mildly silly 3D platformer, the Icy Incursion zone, adds a wall of ice and a hint of global warming at the end.

The single player platformer dived into early access on on November 27 of last year. Spiralagon features a non-violent environment with no enemies. Players use speed and greed while racing through a given level to chase down new high scores.

There are nine characters in Spiralagon. Some of which are better suited for the cold such as Alti and Frez with their expedition suits. However, none of the characters have spiked boots. Get ready for characters to flail about on the ice platforms.

Several game modes are available for various gameplay styles. Greed Mode combines limits with respawning points pickups to tempt players into chasing higher scores than they should while giving boosts to get away with it. Speed Mode is for completing the spiral checkpoint path as quickly as possible. SpeedGreed Mode requires collecting points while completing the checkpoint course. No Pressure Mode disables health and time limits for a self-defined experience.

Spiralagon’s Icy Incursion zone is available January 4, 2019 as an in-development title on for Windows PC. Priced under the donation model, recommended $9.00 USD, minimum $3.00 USD, current version Spiralagon v074.

Terminal Button (@termbutton Twitter) is a solo independent game development studio in Tasmania, Australia. Spiralagon is the studio’s first release.

For more information on Spiralagon or Terminal Button visit their websites.