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Blazing Chrome Drops New Gameplay Video for the New Year

A new gameplay video for the previously covered retro-inspired side-scrolling classic arcade co-op Blazing Chrome has been released.

Titled Blazing Chrome stage 4-1 gameplay, the video features a 60 FPS level on normal mode with the Mavra character. Featuring a familiar retro arcade feel the video progresses through the levels basic enemies, a miniboss, and ends right at another possible boss encounter.

The biggest takeaway from the video is JoyMasher (@JoyMasher Twitter), the Blazing Chrome’s developer, and publisher The Arcade Crew (@TheArcadeCrew Twitter), have made a true retro arcade side-scroller with visuals, sound effects, and soundtrack. For more hardcore arcade co-op fans the gameplay video might evoke a familiarity to classics such as Contra Hardcorps, Gunforce, or Metal Slug.

Blazing Chrome’s retro arcade action will be coming to PC on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 in Early 2019.

For more information on Blazing ChromeThe Arcade Crew, or Joymasher visit their websites.