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Bless The Demon Puppets Announce Kickstarter Campaign

Qmax Inc. have announced their Kickstarter Campaign and details about Bless The Demon Puppets, a self-described ‘hardgore’ battle royale game for PC.

Each player is a dead soul in the 30 player battle where they become a hideous being only in an effort to briefly escape torment and participate in the Devil’s newest game. The goal, be the last survivor.

Players will partake in vicious combat, where one not only kills, but eats their opponents in an endless entrails filled blood bath. Consume enough and eventually a player will earn an evolution where they will extreme powers.

We promise to include features that stir up feelings of euphoria and dread.

Tadashi Yoshitake of Qmax Inc.

Victory will only be possible through the Devil’s game. Using the most brutal of methods to slay the other 29 participants may earn the Devil’s recognition. Just ignore the reverberating screams.

Bless The Demon Puppets is planned to be sold on Steam. To help fund this project visit their Kickstarter page.

Qmax Inc. is based in Fukuoka City, Japan. For over 20 years they have developed many interactive programs and projects such as Kyoko Shojo – E.G.O. and Kobitozukan Social Game for PCs, cell phones, and various smartphone platforms.

For more information on Qmax Inc. visit their website.