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Pirate Survival MMO ATLAS Sails Into Early Access Soon

Grapeshot Games pirate survival MMO ATLAS has released an extended trailer and Early Access date details.

From the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved, ATLAS will host an open world with up to 40,000 players simultaneously exploring, constructing ships, seeking out treasure, plundering, and other pirate themed activities. Recruit a crew and set sail as the quest for fortune will take players into situations where they can lay siege and conquer fortresses or plunder wealthy merchants.

Originally scheduled to release into Early Access on Friday, December 21, there seems to have been a delay. Early streaming was set to begin on Thursday, December 20, but that has been delayed until 9:00 PM PST, December 21.

ATLAS will be available on Steam Early Access once it launches.

For more information about ATLAS visit the game’s website