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Unheard Takes Audio To New Levels In Futuristic Detective Crime Mystery

NEXT Studios have announced Unheard, an RPG crime mystery featuring deep audio immersion, with an official trailer.

Players take on the role of a futuristic detective who is a sound hunter that can travel back in time and only hear what was happening. To investigate and solve crimes players will need to identify characters, understand their relationships, uncover motives, and deduce the perpetrator all by means of carefully listening to various conversations and actions.

We set out to create a unique gameplay experience that not only has players to listen to the conversations in the game but also forces players to really embody a detective using logic, reasoning and deductive power to solve the crimes. It’s a true tribute to the radio dramas of old.

Nick Zhang, creative director at NEXT Studios

Unheard has a non-linear story experience where players must build their own timeline from the clues they overhear. Each crime has multiple story branches and moments.

The game simulates the real world in real time. Actions and conversations are taking place in various locations. Players are able to travel back and forth in time to experience the audio events from different areas with the various characters and their actions to piece the crime puzzle together. Unheard acts as a tribute to radio dramas with high-quality professional voice acted audio drama.

Unheard (@UnheardTheGame Twitter) will be released on Steam in Q1 2019.

NEXT Studios is a small studio that focuses on unique and innovative puzzle games including the smash hit Death Coming and Iris Fall.

For more information about Unheard or NEXT Studios visit their websites.