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Space Economy Sim Prosperous Universe Begins First Access

The independent German game studio simulogics announced on December 13 that their space economy sim, Prosperous Universe launched into First Access.

Prosperous Universe is set in the not too distant future as a real-time business simulation MMO. Players are the CEO of their own space-based company. As head of the company players can explore the galaxy, design spaceships, forge alliances, in addition to usual business activities such as production, trade, transportation, and profit.

Players manage their business through APEX, a highly customizable UI, accessible by means of a web browser. Players drive the economy in this persistent universe through their actions and play styles. An emphasis on realism creates a unique gameplay experience for players.

The goals of First Access are to build a game community, integrate player feedback, and help fund the game’s development until the full release. First Access keys are available for purchase now. After the First Access phase, the game will become free to play with the option to buy a “Pro License” to unlock all features. There will be no microtransactions or pay-to-win components to Prosperous Universe.

Players interested in Prosperous Universe can visit the website for more information and learn how to play.

Prosperous Universe has been in development by simulogics (@simulogics Twitter) since 2015. The game’s artwork was created by Maciej Rebisz (@voyager212 Twitter), Senior Concept Artist at CD Projekt Red. In 2002 simulogics launched AirlineSim which is still active today. 

For more information about simulogics visit their website.