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Unique Indie Puzzle Game keyg Out Now

Solo indie developer Axel Sonic released a new puzzle arcade game, keyg, today.

The game treats the players keyboard as a 2D level. Each key is a room on that level. To move around players need to utilize the entire keyboard in order to solve the puzzle and advance in the minimalist environment.

There is a big variety of levels with nearly 70 in total. Each level is different with some puzzles being based on what are described as “aha” moments. Other puzzles are arcade like and will challenge a players speed.

The main hero wakes up in a surreal world filled with strange creatures. They have no memory and are trapped in a prison. There the hero makes some new friends and tries to escape, but everything is not as it seems with three possible endings.

keyg is available for Windows PC, Linux, and MacOS on Steam for $4.99 USD. A special launch promotion of $3.99 USD runs until December 20.

Axel Sonic is an indie developer based in Russia with a goal of bringing something new to today’s games. The developer has also released Impossible Quest and Neon Warp.

For more information on keyg or Axel Sonic visit their pages on Indie DB.