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Survival MMO Population Zero Announces Testing Information

Enplex Games aims to reimagine the survival MMO genre with Alpha testing scheduled to begin in January 2019.

Set on the planet Kepler, a faraway unique and beautiful alien world, combines a blend of survival and MMO gameplay in a narrative story. Hundreds of players on a single server will participate in meaningful character progression on a changing vibrant world driven by player actions.

The planet Kepler is a new frontier. Waiting to be explored, resources used, and secrets unlocked. Creatures that inhabit the planet act both as a valuable resource and skillful enemy. Each have their own unique abilities, behaviors, and role in the ecosystem.

The game touts an easy to learn crafting and building system which will colonize and conquer the world. Players are able to research various technologies to advance their character and their faction. Characters have a deep intuitive Perks and Technology tree that goes along with the skill-driven combat system featuring both melee and ranged weapons.

Founders Packs are on sale now that guarantee access to Alpha and Beta testing with a commercial launch expected late 2019. Population Zero will not be an Early Access title, instead opting for true alpha and beta testing before a real launch where everyone can begin on equal footing in the new alien frontier.

Interested players can sign up for information updates about the game and a chance to join the Alpha.

Enplex Games is a Moscow based developer. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans the team now consists of over 50 people who have had experience in large gaming companies such as Wargaming,, Blizzard, Disney, Nival and others, and who are striving to create unique futuristic and persistent online worlds for millions of players around the world.

For more information on Population Zero or Enplex Games visit their websites.