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Cook A Chicken Dinner In Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Miscreated

Entrada Interactive released a new trailer showcasing the new dynamic world system for Miscreated their online multiplayer hardcore survival game where players can cook a chicken dinner.

Part of the new systems added for the 1.0 launch of Miscreated the trailer shows examples of various interactive objects and how to use them. For example if a player connects a portable generator to a residential house the electric appliances inside become usable. Electric ovens can cook raw food, which now caries negative effects if consumed. That raw chicken now can be a cooked gourmet feast while surviving the end of civilization.

Lights inside homes can be turned off and on as well. However they may act as a beacon for all the other survivors to come say hello and take a players stuff. Doors are fully working in the new system too with open and closed states.

Planters exist in the world or be built for your home base where crops can be grown. They will need water which comes from rain or manual watering. Rotten food acts as a fertilizer to speed up crop growth.

The game takes place after The Final War. Humanity was brought to its knees and the remaining survivors cling to what remains of  mutated plague ravaged world which was Miscreated in the fallout. Players must survive against horrific mutants, hostile animals, the elements, and other desperate survivors.

Miscreated 1.0 launch is scheduled on December 18, 2018 and will be available on Steam. The launch will include new features such as; player hosted servers, map expansion, new weather patterns (blizzard and acid rain), complete player temperature system, irradiated/poisoned water and food, new AI, updated sounds, cooking food on BBQ grills and in powered appliances, and more.

Entrada Interactive (@entradaint Twitter) is a true indie development team of game developers spread across the globe, with a focus on high quality games and community driven development. They are currently developing Miscreated which released on Steam Early Access in October 2014 and Rebel Horizons which is currently in pre-production and is actively being developed.

For more information on Miscreated or Entrada Interactive visit their websites.