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2084 A Twisted Cyberpunk FPS Announces Early Access Date

Feardemic announced that 2084, their cyberpunk dystopian FPS is coming to Steam Early Access in December.

In this intense first-person shooter players must utilize an array of hacking abilities on the go while engaged in deep combat eliminating adversaries. Success is dependent on the players skill as a hacker and as a marksman. By hacking the network players can gain perks such as ammunition and augmented health stats. If a player stands any chance of escaping the mysterious cyberpunk chamber filled with mindless, murderous creatures, they will need these hacked perks.

The Early Access version contains two game modes. Story mode allows players to kill enemies and level bosses before facing off against the game’s final, and most challenging adversary. In endless mode players face wave after wave of enemies, where they compete on ranked leader boards by killing everything in sight.

The game is the result of a 72-hour internal game jam involving some of the developers behind >observer_ and Layers of Fear.

We’re amazed at what the team has put together in just 72 hours. 2084 has a really polished look, is fun to play and will certainly please fans of cyberpunk and shooters in general. After checking out the final build we decided that the game deserves to be shared with players. It’s a super fast-paced shooter with a hacking twist. We really can’t wait to hear what people think about the game!

Marcin Kawa, CEO of Feardemic

2084 hits Steam Early Access on December 13, 2018.

Feardemic (Follow on Twitter), based out of Kraków, Poland, is a boutique publisher and production house established in early 2017.  They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloober Team SA, the company behind the horror classic Layers of Fear and critically acclaimed cyberpunk horror >observer_. 

For more information on Feardemic visit their website.